TRU Economic Study

Rival Technologies Inc. (Symbol: RVTI) announces that the company is completing an independently written economic and technical Study relating to TRU technology. The authors of the Study are recognized industry experts in heavy oil refining. Their work will provide the necessary technical details for Rival to start discussions with large producers, pipelines and government organizations. It will also form the basis of the companies business plan, providing information needed to complete capital cost and return on investment estimates. Details and excerpts of the Study will be released soon.

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TRU Patent Issued

Rival Technologies Inc. (Symbol: RVTI) announces that its patent for TRU technology has been issued by the Canadian patent office. A patent application in the United States remains patent pending and is expected to issue next year. The Canadian patent is important as Rival’s primary market for TRU Technology is the vast oil sands in Alberta Canada. The patent allows Rival to now begin the process of sharing information about the technology with possible industry partners.

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Marketing Agreement

Rival Technologies Inc. (Symbol:RVTI) announces that the company has entered into an agency agreement to market TRU technology to the Oil Sands industry. This agreement provides Rival with additional heavy oil expertise and direct contact with oil sands participants.

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